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 Daniele Bardis

Beginning a fashion designer career at the age of 17, with my vision and an innate sense of aesthetic, I immersed myself in mastering the art of crafting leather. I blended hands-on experience with meticulous research to express my vision and DNA as a designer and brand. Driven by passion, I continuously explore diverse techniques and cutting-edge technologies to create distinctive, high-quality leather products.
My deep understanding of fashion, craftsmanship, technology, market dynamics, and evolving needs allows me to integrate this knowledge seamlessly into the development of my products. From conceptualisation to realisation, each product is a testament to my vision and expertise. Collaborating closely with a team of skilled artisans, every step from design to completion is meticulously overseen. This collaborative effort ensures that each item not only meets but, exceeds expectations in innovation, beauty, quality, and craftsmanship.
My commitment to innovation and uncompromising quality distinguishes my brand within the competitive landscape of luxury fashion. I take immense pride in nurturing an environment where passion and skill converge, producing leather goods that resonate with unparalleled elegance and enduring charm.
Inspired by the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship, which flows through my veins, I have transposed the art of luxury product design to the vibrant heart of London. Beginning my journey in Italy, I honed my skills through hands-on experience and extensive research, collaborating with esteemed companies to refine my design and technical knowledge.
Now, based in London, I seamlessly blend British innovation with Italian elegance. Most of our products are proudly fully crafted in the UK, with some benefiting from the exquisite touch of Italian artisans and suppliers.
This dual influence underscores our commitment to quality and refinement, reflecting a modern, forward-thinking sensibility. Each creation exceeds contemporary standards and resonates with timeless allure.I firmly believe that sustainability is the cornerstone of designing luxury products.
True luxury and sustainability are inherently intertwined, and my brand exemplifies this by ensuring that every product is made with the highest sustainable standards. From materials and chemicals used to the working environment, everything reflects our commitment to sustainability, as we stand by our principles of transparency and genuine sustainable practices.
My brand operates with full transparency, reflecting our dedication to ethical practices and environmental responsibility. Based in the UK, we adhere to strict, up-to-date legislation, aligning with modern sustainability needs. This is the foundation of our work, bridging the gap between luxury and responsible production.
Daniele Bardis